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Ocean Breeze Pharmacy is a community pharmacy located in the Dongan Hills neighborhood of Staten Island. We have a reputation of being the "everything pharmacy" of Staten Island, meaning we provide a wide variety of products and services that you may not find elsewhere. Best of all, we do so while maintaining the feel of a friendly home town pharmacy. Further, our expert staff has the knowledge and training to make sure these products are being used correctly, because at Ocean Breeze your health is our priority. We hope you'll enjoy shopping at Ocean Breeze Pharmacy - it will always be our pleasure to serve you.
Why Ocean Breeze Pharmacy?
Expert Knowledge – With years of experience our pharmacists are experts at providing the highest quality of pharmaceutical care.
Quality Products – Our medication is ordered from reputable companies based out of the United States, ensuring products of the highest quality. From prescription items to over-the-counter products we make the health of our patients our number one priority.
Specialty Areas – Just some of our specialties include HIV-care, endocrinology (diabetes, growth hormone deficiency, etc.)
Modern – We fill our medication using state of the art equipment and an advanced computer system ensuring accurate, safe, and efficient filling of prescriptions.
One Stop Pharmacy – Patients can come to Ocean Breeze for virtually all of their pharmaceutical needs. We have a wide selection of over-the-counter products including nutritional supplements, first-aid items and wound care products. We also specialize in orthotics (splints, braces, etc.) and products for the aged and disabled (shower chairs, walkers, etc.).
Inquire about our Direct Prescriber Line – speak directly to a pharmacist in seconds
FREE DELIVERY – We provide free delivery service to all 5 New York Boroughs. Upon request, we can pick up your hard-copy Rx's and deliver the medication the same day or next day.
We accept virtually all insurance companies, including medicare parts D and B, Medicaid, and most employer based plans.